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Google’s Project Loon; A Balloon based Internet project, to bring affordable high-speed Internet to every inch of Sri Lanka.

Google Engineers filling air in a Internet balloon

Bringing Internet to remote regions by sending Internet-enabled balloons into the stratosphere sure sounds like a wild idea, but it’s about to become a reality for the resident of Sri Lanka. The government of the island nation has just announced a partnership with Google that will bring affordable high-speed Internet access to every inch of the country using the company’s Project Loon balloons.

However privacy and spying concerns loom due to Google’s previous involvement in spying through collection of people’s data using projects such as Google Street View cars fears Sri Lankans.

Still, many are excited for the availability of an affordable high-speed Internet with coverage everywhere.

Google plans to start Balloon Internet project in other countries too.

Facebook is also testing similar Internet project with drones.

Facebook’s Internet drone model at a display

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